Film Projects

Ambrosia Maple Bowl Studio Dantonio Demo

Our Baby From China 

Passing ♭y - Life As a Renaissance Minstrel

Watch My Diamonds

Passing By - Life As A Minstrel 

Chuck And His Camels 

Bethesda Fountain


The High Line - Environment As A Character

Venice Institute Italy Summer

Study Abroad Travel Video Vlog

FIT Infor Design and Tech Lab Internship Project

Nailed It Or Failed It 

Come Eat With Me 

"U" Can't Beet This - Montage Project 

New School Choice

The New Dawn Foundation

Elliptical Editing Project

Hey There Delilah Music Video

Group Project shorts

The Glass Menagerie

Macy's 30 Sec Group Project 

Footsteps in The Night - The Boy Who Cried Wolf